Monday, 17 October 2011

100 SALES!!!

That made you look didnt it? wish I could say it was me, but alas no. (or at least not yet) This afternoon my team on Etsy 'Crafty Folk' clocked up 100 sales for their daily listing club for October, and its only the 17th. As a team we are very proud of this, as we are quite new and many of us have only been on Etsy for a month or so. Its a great team to be part of and we are growing daily, plenty of support for each other and the important promotion, infact again today I was added to a superb treasury which all helps to be noticed on such a vast selling platform.

Speaking of which I do find myself in a dilema about whether or not to stay on Folksy at all, I am so disheatened with it. More talented shops are closing each day due to the new rules which keep appearing at random, with the exception of some of the remaining sellers the forum isnt a very nice place to be, so much confusion of what is allowed and what is not? I know it doesn't affect me (so far) but the treatment of so many hard working crafters so close to the best selling time of the year cant help but make one think...

Must stop waffling and get to the point, whilst trying to think of who to feature from the team I decided to show off the most recent new members, so are some of them. I have chosen my favourite item from each shop, but if you would like to look at the item in more detail and the rest of the shop simply click on the picture and it will take you there.

Here are our latest Crafty Folk members from Etsy.

'Bluebell & Rosie' have this lovely patchwork cushion.

'Esme Dodsworth Design' with these simply gorgeous porcelain earrings

'Little Red Robin' with a Panda Bear Bracelet

'Garden Shed Silver' with one of her own creations, Silver Eucalyptus Leaf Earrings

'madebyclifford' new to the team, but I have 'chatted' with on Etsy, lovely person and what a great shop, here is one of her bugs - but there are other great ones too

'Vintage Jewellery Box' with a Bird of Paradise Ring

'CatsCeramics' with this lovely Wild Meadow Necklace

Lastly, me SimJaTa - I'm not as new as the others but still new to Etsy and still need some promo, so here is my latest addition to my shop.

I think I may have mentioned the clay making in my last blog entry, not as easy as it looked so taking a bit more time, even I am not brave enough to show those disasters on here. I am really enjoying 'trying' to create, but not quite managed anything worthwhile so far, but keep at it this week I might improve, sure cant get much worse!

Hope you are all staying warm, hands up all those with the heating on? we are holding out so far, but probably wont be much longer..

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Like your choices. The blue ceramic earings make me wish my ears were pierced. lol.

  2. Lovely picks! thanks so much for including me :)


  3. Love the bike printed bag, it's ace.
    Am still unsure about Folksy myself, think I'll stay as a buyer but not sure if I've the heart to list any more.I have some items delisting already and haven't re listed.. It's such a shame as it was such a friendly place and I loved the daily listings club.
    Hope you are having plenty of success at etsy :)


  4. Lovely choices and a great blog post! Absolutely love Clifford's bugs! We have definitely done well getting to 100 sales :)

  5. I know exactly where you're coming from because I'm still upset about the Folksy thing especially as we are so close the Christmas. I'm not directly affected but my heart tells me not to list on there anymore because the way jewellery makers have been treated, but my head thinks I really need to be around in as many places as possible for the festive season.

    Great choices BTW!!

    From Still in a pickle Maria!!

  6. You have put into words how I am feeling about the whole Folksy thing right now. Like you said it doesn't affect me but the treatment of fellow crafters has been dreadful.

    I'm loving having lots of new shops to browse. I particularly love the ceramics.

  7. Congrats to the 'Crafty Folk' team that is a great achievement.

    Personally I think you should get shot of Folksy. I have never been involved with Folksy but what they are doing has annoyed me...handmade should be supporting each other, not alienating people....think you should concentrate your efforts in one place.

    Great bag!!


  8. thank you for featuring my flowers :-) I was on etsy before folksy, and I am very sad that so many have felt they have had to leave folksy. My shop will stay open on folksy but I have made the decision not to put all my eggs in one basket anymore.

  9. Thank you for comments x

    Think you may be right Mick, I havent listed on there for a while and stopped doing any promotion. Might just let some of the listings run their course, may as well be sat there till I can move them over to Etsy. Such a shame they have made so many people sad and upset.

  10. Beautiful for collection you've featured Lynda. I agree with what you have said about Folksy too. I'm not as affected by their decisions as others because I have my website but I have decided to close my Folksy shop because I am unhappy with they way the changes are being implemented and all of the negativity on the forum. I think it's good not to be reliant on one selling outlet for your crafts. We have a great team on Etsy and 100 sales is amazing. As one door closes another ones opens.

    p.s. I would still like to see your clay projects :-)

    Jen x

  11. Thanks Jen, I really need to take a look at somewhere else alongside Etsy, just need more hours in the day! then I can close at Folksy (not that its doing anything anyway), but then I dont even log in except to take something out and move it over to Etsy.

    Trust me, the clay projects are not going so well yet, had another go today. When I get something worth taking a pic of I will then show the disasters too!

    Lynda x