Monday, 10 October 2011

My turn for the A-Z of me

A few of my blog and craft friends have already done this, so must be my turn by now.

A - Age – 45

B - Bed size – Double, but I only get a third of it! OH takes up all the space.

C - Chores you hate – Shopping, I detest shopping.

D - Dogs – Well most of you know this one, I currently am owned by 3 of them Tess, Jaja and Alfie, 2 years ago we had 5 that was a bit much as they were all large dogs.

E - Essential start to your day – Shower, I discovered this when it broke this year, I really cannot survive the day without a shower.

F - Favourite colour – Was always purple, but for some reason I have an attraction to orange of late, so going for both.

G - Gold or silver – Niether, prefer pendants on leather.

H - Height – 5'3"

I - Instruments you play – Oh how I wish, would love to play the keyboard maybe one day, paper and comb anyone?

J - Job title – My company is SimJaTa, in order to create other things alongside bags I put down 'Crafts' so I suppose its crafter.

K - Kids – Grown up and left nest, girl age 20

L - Live – Southport, born in Southport - lived in Bradford for 7 years but moved back 16 years ago.

M - Mother's name – Doris

N - Nickname – My Dad calls me 'Looly', dog walkers call me 'Ruby'

O - Overnight hospital stays – Difficult pregnancy about 6 months of it in hospital.

P - Pet Peeves – Selfish, lack of consideration for others.

Q - Quote from a film – I am absolutely rubbish at remembering quotes.

R - Right or left handed - Right

S - Siblings – No

T - Time you wake up – 6.30am, have to get up then for OH work, dogs dont understand weekends either so 6.30am then too!

U - Underwear – In drawer, usually bought by family (they are not big on imagination)

V - Vegetable you hate – Swede

W - What makes you run late – Usually my elderly dog.

X - X-rays you've had – knee, shoulder, toe, knee (many on knee!)

Y - Yummy food you make – I just asked OH and he laughed! guess that means not.

Z - Zoo animal – All the cats, snow tiger the best. (seen in tenerife)

Not many pics of me as I usually take them, but here is one OH took on a visit to our friends with the sheep farm at Easter.

Dont get used to it, thats my bit done.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Paper and comb? I'll join you! Brilliant!!

  2. LOL, set the tune Diomo, we're in!

  3. I think we have a band!
    I'll do the spoons!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great A-Z Lynda! I can play the Harmonica...let me re-phrase that, I can play 'Michael row the boat ashore' on the Harmonica lol!


  5. Yeah, welcome to the band blue daisy.

    Reminds me Mick, should have said Stylafone, can play 'silent night' on that!