Thursday, 3 November 2011

More Crafting fun

I have learnt some great lessons with my new experiments, one of the first ones was just why artists wear cover alls! after spilling all kinds of things on my clothes. I also learnt which varnish does NOT work, will come to that bit later. Also on Etsy this week I had my first sale to the USA were I learnt all my postage was way out and lost a few quid on that one so then had to spend an hour or so changing all my postal rates.

This week I had a go at papier mache, I had a lot of fun and made more mess than you can imagine, are you ready for this?? cant see me making my fortune here just yet, but here are my first efforts ready to paint.

Finished laughing yet? I felt I had made some great progress with my other clay work, till I varnished and first took off the gold paint, and then had the wrong brush so you may be able to see were the bristles fell off too! not my most succesful of days.

I will treat you to my clay christmas decorations in my next blog, I took before photo's to show them raw. Despite my enjoyment of their creation I do feel they will end up on Mum's Christmas tree this year. After painting those today I created my very first artwork, I then stuck it to the fridge for OH to see, he is threatening to frame it, saying it will be worth a fortune when I am rich and famous... not so sure about that one, but cant tell you how much I enjoy painting - cant wait to do some more, but dont worry I may well keep the future ones to myself or inflict them on the family as Christmas pressies. Without further adue here is SimJaTa's very first piece of artwork........

LOL, sure I made at least one of you smile - or perhaps choke on your coffee, sorry about that!

Too many hours crafting today has resulted in severe neck ache, so I am now off to heat up another wheat bag, I have had requests for those for Christmas so may well be better off making some more of those, if nothing else I have plenty of use for them myself. Good excuse for a glass or two of the red stuff too.

Have a lovely evening

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Oh Lynda, I do love reading about your adventures in crafting. With a bit of sparkly silver and white glitter the papier mache designs could look quite Christmassy & the dogs are cute.

    I like your new piece of art :-)

    Jen x

  2. I am loving reading about all your efforts....the papier mache must have been such fun ,don't think I have done that since the boys were small!I have always wanted to paint,always thought if I was in the right place at the right time a brill picture would just flow from my arm...still hasn't happened lol lol
    Trish xx

  3. Thanks Jen, I am amazed you realised they were dogs! Due to the one eared creation he is going to be a Unicorn now LOL.

    Trish, it is great fun. I think you should have a go at painting too, highly recommend it, I have been out and bought more paper today and Mum bought me some paper and watercolours - I think they are under the weird illusion I may be an artist LOL.

  4. You are an artist! That is so much better than I have seen in many is very personal and cannot be criticised. Love your clay work!

    I tried papier mache recently but it all shrank to nothing over the weeks :(


  5. Oooh Mick, what a lovely thing to say.

    Will be watching my mache to be sure it doesnt shrink then!