Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Rescue Dogs

I have been happy to observe recently that many of us crafters are also animal lovers, be it dogs like me and cats. So todays wafflings are on the rescue dog. The above photo shows four dogs from this mornings walkies, can you spot the rescue ones? no, of course not they are all dogs having fun. Zac the golden retriver (rescue), Alfie the black labrador (rescue) and their pals Charlie the mad yellow labrador and Bailey the darker golden retriever.

Here is our Jaja, looking so adoringly at my friend Sylvia - not because he loves her, but he does love her pocket of gravy bones. Jaja was adopted from Swindon Strictly Strays 8 years ago as a puppy, his Mum was rescued by them expecting a litter, Jaja was one of that litter, infact the largest of that litter. He has been a lucky dog, never known anything but love throughout his life.

This is our Alfie, adopted 31st October 2009 after a relationship breakup. Alfie did arrive with us with one or two 'issues' we are still getting there, he is ok with most dogs now, but still needs a little work. He does attend classes each week, along with agility, flyball and scent work to keep his brain working and keep him out of trouble the rest of the time.

Tess came to us from Labrador Rescue 9 years ago, she was a failed gundog who had then been homed to a delightful family (not) who beat her, she is still a nervous dog at times, sometimes you cannot remove the past no matter how you try. Tess is now around 11 years old but still enjoys playing with the younger dogs.

Zac, is my friend Sylvia's dog, he is from Retriever rescue. Also a very nervous dog with many an issue, he is quite happy as long as he is in familiar surroundings and with his friends, but reverts back to his nerves in strange places. His Mum no longer has holidays as Zac couldnt cope with them.

Last night I was looking here ManyTears
at the many dogs needing homes, heartbraking to see so many unwanted dogs. I may well have been lucky enough to find one a home with a local lady who was looking for a minature poodle having lost hers to old age earlier in the year, so thats one lucky dog out of so many.
Many Tears are one of the rescues my own organisation help to support, as well as crafting I am also area co-ordinator, and one of the founders of Woof Beginnings,
we raise funds to help rescue dogs. Currently working towards our next show at the end of the month, collecting as many donations of prizes for our quality tombola as we can.

Hope you have enjoyed meeting some of our friends today, I have been told recently blogging should be about other aspects of our lives as well as crafting, so here you have an insight into mine.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Awww! MY JAJA! He might live with you, but just wait when I have big enough bag... Just you wait!

  2. Just saying hello to my Mummy, I now have my own blog for future Alfie adventures.

    Alfie x

  3. Great post! It's so good to see all those dogs having such a good time together despite their different histories. I find it difficult to visit the rescue sites because reading about anyone abusing a dog just makes me weep, but have such an admiration for the work of the people involved. Dogs deserve to be happy because they bring so much joy to our lives.

    I gave my dog the opportunity to blog today, and now I think there'll be no stopping him!

    He'd love it if any of your dogs would like to stop by for a chat. Large, floppy dogs that like water are his particular favourites ;-)

    Alison x

  4. Thanks Alison, some rescue sites are sad but Many Tears is great showing the dogs in foster care and how well they come on, they seeing them reserved to go to new homes.

    I stopped by to see Lucca's blog post, but Alfie didnt as he cant find new blogs - he is hoping new friends will come to him so he can then follow.

    Lynda x

  5. Lovely to see such happy dogs being so well looked after and thoroughly enjoying themselves. I only have my much loved labrador now but I've had a rescue dog in the past.