Friday, 19 August 2011

Folksy Friday, Best Talented A-Listers

Friday already? who did that, surely we havent moved passed Monday yet? goodness me, time goes so quickly.

As I have only done one blog post this month on the A-Listers this weeks Folksy Friday better be then, these are the very hard working Folksy members who try to list one of their fabulous items each day (or near enough), so please do take a look by clicking on the picture and being transported to the rest of the shop of wonders and temptations, all more than worthy on new homes..its Friday, you need a treat!!!

One of the first items I saw today was this necklace from "Be Beautiful Again Trinkets' great name, and super shop

The jewellery on Folksy is second to none, and most is one off originals, so wont be seen on another whilst you are out being admired. Here is another necklace from "Laura Faye Crafts"

The earrings in this shop are amazing, this talented lady draws them herself! Here are a pair ready for halloween by "Created by Kelly"

Dont you just hate it when you visit a friend on their birthday to find the same card you bought duplicated on their mantle? not when you buy from Folksy, here is one for the boys from "Adien Crafts"

Geisha Dolls, what a great idea - here they are as earrings from "Damselfly Gemma"

This is a stunning necklace, wait till my Mum sees it, she loves owls. Again not something you see on the mass produced shelves, Turquoise Owl by "Mary Elliott"

I just love all the items in this shop, from "Vintage Dreams" today are a set of shabby chic gift tags to brighten up your gifts

Lastly, from my other shop SimJaTa2 (link to the side of page) the last in this type of brooches, my new creations will be in the shop very soon - and OH is slowly working on a new website for them too, I just need to find a few more hours to get some new designs made. This one is a Fox Terrier in his wooly scarf

I hope you have enjoyed today's Folksy Friday Selection.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. What a great selection, thank you Linda for including me. I just love the dog brooch, as you might guess, is that a Lakeland, he's gorgeous anyway, let me know if you do a miniature schnauzer! xx

  2. Love every single item on today´s list Lynda ;-). Sometimes I do wish we did celebrate haloween, but we have only all saints day here on continent.

  3. Whoops a Lakeland? I thought he was a fox terrier, bit hard to tell as a characature, dont see so many schnauzers on fabric I'm afriad.

    Eva, you can celebrate whatever you wish, I wont tell.
    Lynda x

  4. I love the variety of items on Folksy and you've chosen some wonderful pieces! thanks for including my owl necklace :)

  5. Thanks so much for including my earrings in this fabulous selection. I have a pair of Kelly's earrings and am very tempted by her pumpkins too. Fab brooch!

  6. Great Picks and thank you ever so for featuring my necklace from Be Beautiful Again Trinkets x

  7. Thankyou for featuring my pumpkin halloween earrings, lovely of you. A real nice mix of items.



  8. Thank you all for taking the time to comment, and allowing me to share your pictures. My Mum had a peek earlier and I think she may well be visitng a shop later on.

    Lynda x