Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Beautiful Scents for us Beautiful People

Yesterday I was totally side tracked from everything. The nice old chap who provides me with my lavender for sachets brought me a cutting of 'lemon geranium', I immediatly fell in love with this scent and spent most of the day searching to find more and looking to see what I can do with the leaves. I now have a stack of lavender, geranium and other flowers drying out to make myself and maybe the family some popuri - no wonder I never have any free time.

During my search I of course found myself on Folksy, were there are no less than 91 pages of homemade soap, and what a fantastic selection - so you lucky people are about to see some of my favourites I discovered in my search.

First of all is 'Handmade Soap by Caroline' as she actually had the scent I was looking for alongside another 2 I could choose, so I chose the patchouli and orange for me, and another one for my friend so I can share my wonderful find. As you see, its not just about soap making, but the fantastic presentation and service, my soaps will be with me tomorrow, and I cant wait.

Next is this special lady from 'Scrub up Lovely' who helped me out with a soap for my psorisis, and has others to help with varying skin conditions, here is a lovely citrus blend she has on offer, but I also had to include her chocolate and swirl as it was such a lovely photo.

This one is just a work of art, what a lovely gift for someone special, 'Bennington handmade soap' has this adorable cupcake soap rose garden

The next one really amused me, I walk a dog called Bailey and the picture on the front is just like one of my own dogs, its a special natural doggie soap, and is on my favourites list for Bailey for Christmas. Its from 'Just Bev Soaps'

One here for those with sensitive skin, from 'Handmade Luxury Soap' a fabulous creation for those with skin issues to still have something lovely.

My last choice was from a lovely named shop 'Little Bird Told Me' just look at the presentation on this one, what a stunning gift this would make, organic lavender soap.

Now then, you cant blame a girl for trying - just in case you may well be looking for somewhere to store these beauties, here at Bags of Swank by SimJaTa we have some cosmetics bags, here are just a couple

Hope you have enjoyed my selection, please dont read and run - leave us a comment if you have already or indeed do purchase from the above sellers, the picture takes you straight to their lovely shops, or maybe you can recommend some others?

Today the news on the TV is pretty bleak, us beautiful happy people need to surround ourselves in beautiful scents to keep us happy and smiling.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. I got some lovely handmade soap from Folksy as a leaving gift :) It's chocolate scented!

    x H

  2. What gorgeous soaps, naturally the dog one caught my eye but really love that little lavender one too. Will make sure and follow you Linda, I've been a bad blogger but am trying harder! Di x

  3. Thanks Hilary,
    Nice to see you Di, dont worry I am a bad blogger too you will easily keep up with me x