Monday, 22 August 2011

Its Handmade Monday!

Its handmade Monday time and only my second, I enjoyed it so much last week and met some fabulous new crafters. More importantly though after all this time the lovely Wendy at 1stUniqueGifts who organises all this for us taught me how to do a clicky link, so huge thanks to Wendy who can be found here 1stuniquegifts along with all the other talented crafters who join in with handmade Monday.

Today I am going to talk about quilting, I so admire all those talented quilters who make such fantastic works of art, so much time goes into each piece and the results are amazing. Just for your amusement, here is my very first attempt from last year.

One day I will find the time to start on a real quilt, though I often think I just use the lack of time thing as an excuse. I have all the quilting needs, my Mums friend in Wales was an amazing quilter it was her life, sadly she lost her sight and could no longer continue, she was more than happy to give me all her collection in the hope one day I would learn. I will do one day.
I often visit the exhibitions just to look and admire this craft, and have a few magazines. To begin with I raided the library of all their books, there are plenty there for anyone like me who would love to start.

Last week as a bit of a cheat I had a go at some bags, by quilting the dogs on them, the idea was to give them a 3D appearance on the bags and to keep my hand in so I dont forget, I do think maybe I should have used a different colour thread though but still I enjoyed doing it.

So that was my week, wonder what this week will bring?


  1. I can see those dogs being popular!

    Actually, I only learnt the clicky link thing fairly recently, but glad to pass it along. There will be no stopping you now! x

  2. I think your cushions look great especially if they were your first attempt.
    I love the dog bags I'm sure your stitching makes the stand out.

  3. Love the bags and like you must finish a quilt I started, hmm well let's not go into how long ago, lol

  4. Oh yes the cushions were my first go, I then went on to make my Dad one with Elvis on as a gift but cant find the photo.

    Caroline I havent even started a quilt yet, plenty of scrap to go at, one day...

  5. The cushions rock - and if that was a first attempt - well done you!

    The dogs rule by the way. Gonna be a total hit.

  6. I started a quilt 'ahem... many years ago' and still have a box of diamond shapes all cut out but no quilt. :o)

    The dogs look great and I'm sure will be a great hit.

    Jan x

  7. Lovely cushions & bag. Those Westies are SO cute. Really pretty makes.

  8. Those are so beautiful! Quilting seems to be the theme today! I need to figure out how to *cook* something quilty! :)

  9. Love the cute Kola bear cushion. Hugs Mrs A.

  10. I would love to learn some quilting techniques, trying a cushion seems like a good place to start :) cute! x

  11. Quilting always looks so fabulous, love the cushions and bags. One day I`ll have a go.

  12. Oh dear, quilting! I cant it for the life of me, I wish I could, i'm in awe of anyone who does! This work is just great xx