Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Successful Day

Just for Mick at http://shpangle.blogspot.com/ another positive post. Seen in photo today are two of my dogs Alfie and Tess, Alfie won second prize yesterday in Best Pedigree, and Tess won 4th in veteran class.

Our stall went well, and we made a few sales, and more contacts. Before we left I left a supply of leaflets with the bossman for his craft centre which he is going to display in the cafe. I arrived home to meet my sales rep, with money from my sale at the organic farm shop, and 7 more orders and another outlet, so I spent last night hunting down 'squirrel fabric' for the requested bags to be displayed at the local wildlife centre.

This week, I do the stock for the pet shop, next week for the lavender farm, week after for the wildlife, then the 7 bag order, inbetween the custom ones I already have slotted in when I can. So, about to become rather busy, at least my bank manager will be a little happier.

Blog enteries might not be as often for a while, and probably a bit shorter.

Positive vibes to everyone else, hope I can share them around.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa ~

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  1. Lovely, lovely LOVELY positive post, very well done to you and also well done to Alfie and Tess!