Friday, 11 June 2010

Squirrel has landed

All my squirrel fabric arrived today, so although I am not yet ready to start on the one's for the Wildlife Shop, thought I would do one squirrel backpack for the Organic Farm shop "Manic Oganic" which is the last one in the stock off for their travels on Sunday. I still have 3 left to finish off, one handbag needs a pink webbing handle and that arrived recorded delivery whilst I was out, so need to collect that to finish tomorrow. I have finally learnt the art of the adjustable bag strap so hope that will help sales, also have a shoulder pad for it, if I remember to attatch it this time.

On the ever growing list, I now have another custom one to make for a friend to give a friend, and about 8 dog jackets to make, eeeeeeeeeek.

Latest Project here at Bags of Swank by SimJaTa is a dispay hanger for the bags, I ordered a couple of acrylic ones, but of course my sales rep is also a joiner, so she is on with a better idea for us to display in the shops, so that should be great when its finished, told her she could have a nice little side line in those for the handbag makers.

Hope you like my first run of squirrels, have some fabulous fabric for those - but not forgetting the back and the inside are repurposed fabrics from the local charity shop - Southport Lifeboat.

1 comment:

  1. Nice to see they are red sqirrels ;)

    Lovely idea about the display hanger, a wooden one would work much better for your bags.

    Keep up the good work!