Sunday, 6 June 2010

Buzzy Bee's

Short Blog tonight, running out of hours as per. Here is my Bee's Backpack which was requested by a customer, hope she likes it. Also the last in the stock for the local pet shop. My Sales rep has been on again, and very kindly found me another outlet, so the list is building up. Said Bee Bag certainly gave me some grief today, the wonderful fabric aquired from the charity shop is not so wonderful to work with, shame as it looks lovely but due to the weight it gave me an awful lot of problems today, so much so it actually took me 5.5 hours to create that one. Working on another for the Lavender Farm as I thought Bee's might be good there, but sadly not with the wonderful burgancy fabric.

I really need to speed up! Loosing more time tomorrow to as I have a rotten routine dentist appointment in the morning, could well do without that, and physio on Thursday, I could do with sending my teeth and my shoulder seperatly and keeping the rest of me here to work.

Almost done for the day now, as much as I would like to put in another couple of hours, my eyes and co-ordination do not, ho hum - tomorrow is another day!


  1. Yep, she will like that!

    Hope the dentist trip goes OK and at least then it will be out of the way...soon you are going to be employing a whole team to assist you!


  2. Dentist was fine, just took too long - half an hour wait to get in!

    Wish I could afford some assistance thats for sure, really finding it tough going just now.