Sunday, 13 June 2010

Visit to Manic Organic, and mucky dogs

As promised, here is the state my lurcher managed to get himself into yesterday, the others were not quite as bad as you see, but posed nicely for the camera for once.

Today I paid a visit to Manic Organic our local organic farm shop, they were already in possession of some of my backpacks taken along by my friend, but luckily I was asked for some more stock so went along myself today to meet these fabulous people who run this farm. As well as selling home grown organic produce, they also have award winning Lancashire cheese, which I have to admit is to die for as I purchased some and had it with my tea, cant get back soon enough for some more - remember how cheese 'used' to taste? this is it, yum!
Better still is the craft section, were local craftsfolk like myself can display their wares to the locals, they have some fabulous knitted hats, home made baskets, woodware, glassware, felt handbags, home made cards, jewellery - what an Aladin's cave, well worth a visit to anyone in the Lancashire area.

They have a web page, but are in the process of designing a great new website you may want to bookmark for future reference.

Details here:

Whoops nearly forgot, they also sell fabulous hand crafted handbags and rucksacks, made by me here at Bags of Swank by SimJaTa.


  1. Sounds like a lovely place to visit, I wish more places would take that inititive and display/sell local crafts.


  2. They are starting to pop up around here, so hopefully it will catch on. Its great, people go in for their veg etc, see something they like may not have the money at the time, but go back the next week.

    Nice to see you back Mick.

  3. haha, bet your doggy smelt lovely after that!