Sunday, 20 June 2010

Photo shoot and new handbag pictures

I think I mentioned yesterday I had a photography job for some doggie notelets today. Here are the dogs in question, please meet Mac the Flatcoated Retriever and Daisy working Retriever.
I was lucky enough to have the use of this lovely garden to take along a few handbags and redo some pictures for the Folksy shop, so I de-listed the happy frogs and re-listed them with new description and new photo's. I am quite proud of them to say I was awaiting the time of a photographer friend, I have done them all by myself and intend to re-list some of the handbags with some nice shiny new pictures during the week.

Meanwhile now, I better get on with my notelet set prototype for the client. Thats tonights job.


  1. How you manage to get the dogs to pose for a photograph I don't know!

    Re: the top photo...don't take this the wrong way, because at first glance I thought it was a sofa!! and had to have a double take. (what am I like)


  2. It takes a few hours to get the dogs to pose like that, especially as the Flatcoat is only 10 months old.

    LOL at my sofa? probably make more if I could.


  3. I love love love that bag :)

  4. Thank you Sharon, very kind of you to say.