Friday, 23 March 2012

On the drawing board

You may remember some time ago I tried 'Duncan the Donkey' not a huge success so gave up on him. Having sorted out some interesting quotes I wanted something to go with the idea of old age, my old people were not so good so I had a go at tortoise last night, the idea is there.... earlier today I painted them too.

Maybe a bit more work on character, but I think they are coming on ok - OH said they do actually look like tortoise so thats a start.

I did manage to put my very first ACEO in my Etsy shop and even sold it on the same day, so have added a few more and when I get around to the photo's might even add some Altered Art ones for something different.
Yesterday I visited the charity shop and came out armed with frames and art blocks, have done some priming of them, but got a bit impatient with one of the frames so now sporting a rather large couple of plasters on my cut to bits thumb when I broke the glass on one, not helpful for sketching and painting.. not that I have had a lot of time today with OH at home under my feet.

So many idea's floating around my head and not enough hours in the day.