Monday, 12 March 2012

Special Anniversary

At weekend the family celebrated a very special anniversary, Mum and Dads 50th!! Here they are on their special day all those years ago.
Their main present from me I forgot to photograph, but it was a design with their names and date with all the events from March 10th over the years, in a large frame and mounted in cream and gold. (purchased the print from Etsy)

As I now have a stack of wood to paint on I started my very first plaque for them too, sorry about the poor photo.

..and a fun one I made for me.

Thats as far as I got as have now run out of ideas, apart from a larger plaque I am making for my Dad's friend in the USA for Easter.

Today I have spent sketching faces, they are improving s l o w l y .... though after about six hours of it my eyes are starting to strain a bit now. I had a go at colouring one which again went very badly, but just realised coloured pencil on waterproof paper (with tooth) was probably not the best of ideas, so going to try plain sketch paper later on, also waiting for some new portrait pencils from derwent which are the coloursoft ones, I have the full set on my wish list that I have dropped VERY large hints to anyone who will listen for my birthday next month. I seem to have far more success with pencils than most mediums, though I am still practicing with the oils - Zoe was quite right though, need much more patience than I have for that, by the time I have waited for them to dry I have lost interest.

Must say I HUGE thank you to Janice from Wellydog, my gorgeous painting arrived on Saturday I am now saving up for another visit to the framers. Also thank you to Dawn from 'Audreys Cat' as I have today won her blog giveaway and have a gorgeous retro mouse on his way to me.

... and this was meant to be a short blog!


  1. Congrats to your Mum and Dad and what a lovely happy photo that is too!

    Your plaques are very very good and you should try selling some of those (to be honest they are much better than a lot of plaques I have seen out there).


  2. Thanks Mick.

    I had thought about attempting to sell some, but gone blank on idea's of what to put on them, thank you for kind words I did try to make them different from the norm.