Friday, 30 March 2012

New Art Journal

When the going gets tough... the tough make a new journal. Yesterday was a pretty awful day. Due to having to protect the identity of the person concerned I cannot go into detail, but sketching around the details it involved a family I know quite well, a young girl and an individual who is it seems on the sex offenders list. I only hope the young lady and her family can come to terms with this in time. I have said this before here, but I truly do not understand how some people can live with themselves.

Not my problem of course, but the only way to deal with the upset of the whole thing for me was some retail therapy, so off to the charity shop I went and came back with a few frames to paint and this...

which I then turned into this...

It started off as a bright cheery journal to take me away from the horrors of the world out there, but has now turned into a new journal of faces. Somewhere I can work on them each day. I took the picture before the journaling, as if it turns out anywhere near ok there is a specially brave young lady it is dedicated too and may receive it.

They should get better as I have been following a lot of tutorials on faces, some from Effy Wild and the Book of Days
and some on youtube by Jenniebellie, who is also a good teacher for the faces, art journalling and mixed media.

Well, paint should be dry now for Dads birthday pressie which I am also working on so back to it. Have a good weekend all. xx


  1. How horrible. :( I'm so sorry, Lynda, but I'm really impressed with how you're turning it around. xo

  2. I had a really bad day today to, and I stopped off on my way home to buy some Art stuff. I actually ended up getting some reduced crochet patterns as well, amazing how arty and crafty stuff can lighten the load and make you smile even in the most awful circumstances. :-)

  3. That sounds horrid and I can't imagine what they are going through. Love your bright new journal!

    Have a good weekend Lynda,


  4. Thank you Effy and Mick.

    Janice, sorry to hear you have had a bad day - we are all so lucky we have our own little happy world to retreat too.

  5. Isn't it amazing how art can make you feel better :)

    So sorry to read of the awful stuff x

  6. I'm sorry to hear about your friend, there are some nasty people in the world.

    I love how being creative can make you feel better, a few hours with some shiny beads or bright wool and I'm sorted :) Any excuse to take myself to the craft shop!