Friday, 29 July 2011

Aromatherapy ~ Folksy Friday

Oh dear, I dont seem to be finding so much time to keep up with the blogging these days, thats due to having far too much fun with the crafts I am working on. I did have a distraction this week though, my friend treated me to a tarte burner and a well known brand of tartes/melts to go with it. These magical frangrances have my house smelling delicious and have a very relaxed and happy SimJaTa busy working in such fabulous aroma's. BUT as we all know 'handmade is best' so I set toward the Folksy forum to see what was on offer, and got some fantastic recommendations, seems our talented Folksy crafters can quite easily out-do the well known candle company with the most amazing fragrances - I have mine on order from Folksy now and cannot wait to receive them.

Therefore, let me introduce you to what is on offer on Folksy, great fragrance, great prices and top class service.

Highly recommened to me was Pauline's Candles, I am currently a fan of the melts but this wonderful gift set is on my wish list an Aromatherapy set.

'Over the Rainbow' was also recommeneded, how cool are these? Essential Aromas wax melts

'One stop pamper shop' also on the list, and a great help to me in making my choices which I can hardly wait to arrive. Here are her fabulous Love Heart melts, which come in a variety of scents.

Our quest was joined by Lil-Piranha-Fish, who has the last of her melts on special offer

'Scratchycat Candles' has some wonderful choices in her shop, these sound very appealing "Rhubarb and Raspberry soy wax melts"

Dont forget the pictures take you straight to the shops for further information, and what else is on offer there.

For anyone who doesnt know (as I didnt till recently) you have a melt/tarte burner, a little tealight sits in the botton, and there is a place to sit your melt/tarte in the top, the tealight melts the candle and releases the most amazing scents accross your home and environment, making it all lovely.

So, what are you waiting for? go look at these shops - some of them have burners for sale too so you too can join in with a home of relaxing aroma's. Great treat for yourself.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. thank you Lynda I appreciate the inclusion into your blog and I hope you enjoy your melts.

  2. What a lovely selection - I always thought melts went in a bath (hanging head in shame), so have learned something new too!

  3. I love wax melts :) They are so much nicer than candles. I have used them for years and it is nice to see them gaining in popularity. xx

  4. Thanks Pauline, cant wait for them to arrive!

    Bev, glad I have educated you too, I had no idea what they were. Sparrow, hope you are going to try some from my recommended sellers here too.

  5. Thanks so much for featuring my melts lovi x x