Thursday, 14 July 2011

Whats new at SimJaTa?

OK, first of all bare with me, I have tried to put the photo's on the left - so you can look at what I am waffling on about as I go, but its all jumbled up as I write so cant tell what is where.

First of all should be my newest bag design, having decided I wanted to do some beaded quilting I discovered (the hard way) that you cannot rag quilt a beaded bag as all the beads loose their colour in the washing machine. So, had to go for patchwork quilting, with some embroidery and bead work - quite pleased with the result on my first attempt.

Then,I wanted to try textile brooches, so many lovely ones for sale on Folksy and had to be sure I constructed my own design, so here is the first one - in the shape of a handbag, rather appropriate to me being "Bags of Swank" I thought.

Landing in the wrong order is a close up of the little garden patch I created on the bag, I really enjoyed this and have been busy purchasing some more little beads and flowers to add to bags and maybe brooches in the future.

Whilst designing one of the squares I came across this lace, and thought together with some purple velvet and a few beads it might make a rather unusual glasses case, so this is what then appeared.

The last glasses case (I really hope this writing is somewhere near each picture) was my having another play with textile design and beadwork, using a variety of fabrics and lined with sari silks a new quilted design was created.

Lastly, the green patchwork number I showed you earlier in the blog was added to my shop today - you can find it by clicking on the photo which goes direct to my shop, I was thrilled to see earlier it had collected a couple of favourites, so hopefully at least 2 people out there like it so far

My new items should start to appear on Folksy from the weekend, as rather a busy schedule planned for tomorrow with no spare time for listing. I hope you like them, as I have had a lot of enjoyment designing them.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Wow, I love all the details and especially like the brooch. I could see selling a bag with a matching brooch being a great selling point.


  2. Thanks Mick, mmmh... might be worth a try. I had thought of giving this one away with the bag anyway as it was a good match.

  3. Lynda, that is some real gorgeous stuff!!!!
    PS. I recommend using Czech or Japanese beads, those do not lose colour in wash. Japanese TOHO beads are practical in several ways, they have bigger holes and are easier to use therefore. The quality is amazing. I use them as addition to yarn.

  4. Thanks Eva, I must track some of those down sound good.

    Lynda x