Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Life is for living

I was meant to be blogging today all about my new makes, still not listed but made none the less. But something changed that today....

See the photo of one of my dogs here Alfie, Alfie has hip dysplasia and Spikes Disease, but while he can he is still living life to the full and enjoying each day. Something we can all learn from Alfie.
My friend from outside the UK phoned me this morning, (some of you know her on my twitter account, which I joined so we can chat - so I will not name her here) She has been suffering from Cancer for some time and yesterday was told she now has weeks left. Not a huge surprise as we said our goodbyes earlier in the year when she was in the UK.
If I have been taught anything from my friend it is how important it is to live each day to the full, and not to let the silly (and I mean SILLY) daily niggles infringe on your day, on my walk with Alfie and the others this morning I noticed how important this lesson is.

I have missed my friend for years since she moved away, and above all I find it so unfair why such a fabulous person who would do anything she could for anyone and devoted her life to help animals can be taken from us so young. Perhaps her love and kindness is needed elsewhere, something none of us can know for sure.

If you have managed to read through this, dont be sad for her and certainly not for me......... but remember to live your life to the full, and make each day count.


  1. Such a sad post to read - tough for your friend and yourself.

    I do agree the dogs have a lot to show us about living in the moment and not worrying or stressing about the small stuff.

    Best wishes,

  2. Such a lovely blog post that has really touched me and made me is so easy to get carried away with such trivial everyday things and forget what is important.

    My thoughts are with you.


  3. I so agree Lynda. I am sorry you are sad, but you know how it is, we all meet again by that beautiful rainbow crossing ;-) For some of us it will be small gathering, for some of you it will be louder and jollier. So, yes, live life to the full, so you have much to talk about later ;-)