Tuesday, 21 June 2011

SimJaTa Explores a new skill


Inspired by one of the Folksy Seller "Old Friendship Crafts" who I will show you later - how it SHOULD be done..

I set out to finally, after a long time of wishing to try, make a start. I think it may well need a bit more practice dont you? Sure is time consuming to begin with, if (which of course it isnt) this bag had proved good enough to sell for the hours I spent creating it would have cost over £50!!!
I began, as shown in the pictures by sorting out my fabrics and squares, then put them all together in something that resembled a bag and chopped up all the seams - before wash I was not so impressed. The last picture of the bag having been washed, shook, and tumble dried as you see is not much better. Luckily I have had some expert help since and I am already half way through bag number 2 that just 'has' to be better doesnt it?
Oh, as you can see mistake number one was using four squares across - should be 3 or 5 so there is a centre to attatch the fastener. I wont go into the rest of the errors or we will be here all night...

Many thanks to the lovely Jane at "Old Frienship Crafts" who has given me plenty of guidence on how to get things right. So much so she well deserves a mention and highlight of her shop so you can see how the experts do it, and what can be achieved. If you click on the picture you can be taken for further details and to take a look at the rest of her lovely items.
Here is one simply stunning cushion

and here is the item that inspired me to start, one fantastic quilt

Do we think I will ever get to be that good? plenty more practice needed me thinks, but like everything else also needed is more hours in the day, so once I manage to complete the next bag that will be it for a few days or so while I concentrate on what I can do well and make up some more themed bags.

Must say though, I have really enjoyed the challenge and wont be giving up just yet.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. The bag looks lovely, and like all new skills, you'll find it gets easier with practice, but worth the effort.

    Natalie x

  2. I wouldn't have a clue how to chop up seams and cannot see anything wrong with what you have made...well done you for developing a new skill!

    Isn't it amazing how one craft leads to another and another and another....


  3. Thanks Natalie, I think much more practice may be needed.

    I love quilting Mick, just dont get the time am hoping this type will get quicker. Much like you, head always full of new ideas.

  4. I don't think it looks that bad at all for a first attempt - you should have seen mine! Anyway, as Natalie says, it gets easier with practice. Keep going with it - I think it all depends on the fabric you use as to how "raggy" it gets! Thanks for all your kind words and for promoting my work on your blog though. It's much appreciated. Jane @ Old Friendship Crafts (aka CraftHippy on Twitter) xxxx

  5. Thank you, oh great raggy artist!

    will certainly keep at it.

    PS I found you on twitter x

  6. I think the bag looks great and I would never have even had the idea so go for it girl.
    Jan x

  7. Thanks Jan,
    Bag number 2 is almost ready, just needs the washing and drying stage now which will be tomorrow. Took me 2 hours to do the seam clipping though! Fingers crossed this one turns out better, and better still good enough to feature in the shop.