Friday, 17 June 2011

Folksy Friday ~ The Vintage Selection

Bit late in the day sorry, but here I am with this weeks Folksy Friday. A showcase of some of the fabulous crafters who also show their wonderful creations on Folksy. This week I asked for some Vintage items to show off and got a great response here are just some of the superb finds on folkys. Just click on the photographs to be taken as if by magic to the individual shop for more information, what else can you be doing on such a wet gloomy day?

First from "Silk Purse, Sow's Ear" is this gorgeous festival ring.

From "Blue Button" is this wonderful vintage lace and button wedding bouquet, almost makes me wish I was getting married again, I would have loved something like this.

"Little Denim" has this great hat, for those of us who like to keep the sun away (once it finally turns up)

"Cherry Tree Handmades" has this crochet throw or blanket

Now I do know that over 83 hours work went into this wonderful moss green beaded lace wedding shawl, isnt it just amazing? and created by the talented "The Crafty Bride"

"Beccabugs" has this very useful Pin Cushion Jar and Needlebook

This is so cute, a headband from recycled yarn by "Can u Knit it"

A very attractive pair of Flower Feather earrings from "Mary Elliot" made up from vintage feathers

"Poisoned Apple Jewellery" has a fantastic collection in her shop, here is just one of my favourites by her, its called La Belle Epoque Red

Finally from me here at Bags of Swank by SimJaTa, vintage fabric tote bag and gadget case, in gorgeous peaches and tans

Hope you have enjoyed this weeks Vintage Selection, I know I have, you wont find such individual personal designs on the high street, along with the first class customer service that will be given from the sellers on Folksy.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Oh Wow, thanks for featuring my shawl and for the fabulous write up. I love the bouquet and would also have loved one when I got married as I was not allowed to bring my flowers home from Jamaica, where I got married 9 years ago last week.

  2. What an amazing selection Lynda! I love every piece of it!
    Of course as a knitter and fibreholic I do appreciate the amazing lace shawl and hell, the headband is too cool! Bouquet made of buttons? Must be the thing for every girl. There is something about buttons and shoes and handbags which is hard to say no to. Don´t ask me why (beads in my case are close second to buttons). I do love your bag and case set, but you know that. It is good old times when I wasn´t born yet, but wish I did get a black and white movie star kiss my hand... (daydreaming...daydreaming...daydreaming...)

  3. the shawl is very beautiful. thanks for including my earrings :)

  4. Lovely items! Thanks for including my crochet blanket! the shawl is amazing!

    cherry tree

  5. Thanks for featuring my hairband. The shawl is a work of art and patience and the bouquet is just totally different. I also love everything else and your blog just shows how talented we all are on Folksy.