Thursday, 23 June 2011

Raggy Quilt Bags by SimJaTa

Slight exageration in the title, but I do have one here ready to go on sale tomorrow. With major thanks to Jane at "Old Friendship Crafts" (seen in last blog post, do take a look!)my second attempt far surpassed the first.

Cant say I am getting that much quicker at it though, it took me 2 hours to cut the fringing all the way around the squares and top. I have added my own lining and raggy pocket this time too, and even remembered to pop in a Bags of Swank by SimJaTa label, must have been an omen on the last bag as I forgot that bit..

Thats it for now though, I managed a new tote bag today which will go on sale on Sunday (hopefully) as I dont have time to sort out the pictures. This is one of a limited edition of 6 only.

Tomorrow is a usual Friday so rather busy, but thrown into the equation is also a visit to the dentist - YUK. Also preparation for Saturdays fund raiser for Woof Beginnings, so I have about 2,000 raffle tickets to fold up and all the tombola prizes to attatch labels too, and boy do I have a lot of prizes. Unfortunatly I will therefore not manage a Folksy Friday this week, but will try make my next blog one for the Folksy "June Bugs".

Have a good weekend, and keep your fingers crossed it doesnt rain here in Southport on Saturday!

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. WOW, you have mastered that art very quickly! very nice too and I can think of lots of rainbow coloured fabrics that would look fantastic in that style.

    Best of luck for the dentist and your fund raiser!


  2. Thanks Mick, I liked it. Thats just it, so many possible designs - but will have to hold back to see how the first few do before I get too carried away.
    half hour before dentist, not enough time to start one of the zillion jobs ahead, just praying for good weather tomorrow.