Sunday, 19 June 2011

Bags of Swank ~ Almost a Day off

As mentioned earlier in blog, today was the day to visit one of my outlets with some more stock. What a chore this is - NOT. We were so lucky today as the weather turned out good for us too. First of all we were ruthlessly attacked by ducklings trying to eat our trainers, the ones in the photo had decided to try my husbands shoes as mine were not tasty enough. Just how cute are they?
We manouvered over to the bird tables, as on our last visit I managed to capture some great shots, today this too was taken over by ducks, but what a lovely specimen she is.
We didnt see that much else, except in on of the hides a lovely chap let me view his mega lense and watch the herons right across the pond too far for the eye to see, but I got to watch 3 of them pruning their feathers and relaxing in the sunshine. Again the kingfisher was elusive, but I did see a photo of one of the young whilst in the shop - would love to have seen the real thing, but alas not today, but then it was a bit busy and the visiting children were a bit rowdy.

The lovely Robin posed beautifully for us, sadly too much in the sun for the camera's to capture him too well, but this is the best we got between us taken by husband Steve.

Luckily the wild flowers keep nice and still for me, so I took this shot of something that cant fly away!

Before our adventures at Mere Sands we had been out to lunch with Mum and Dad, so lucky enough to have a fantastic day, ok so I was working for some of it, but this is one of my real perks of my job getting to spend a few hours here.

Hoping to have a full day of work tomorrow, arranged to meet with my friend early on the dog walk so hoping to have time to crack a new skill I have been working on, fingers crossed.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and all ready and refreshed for a great start to the week tomorrow.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. WOW, Mere Sands looks like my kind of place...glad you had a great time and you will just have to look forward to seeing the elusive Kingfisher next time you visit!


  2. Thanks Mick, just wish we could get there more often. You and your family would love the place too.