Thursday, 16 June 2011

New Stock for Mere Sands

I was lucky enough to receive a cheque from Lancashire Wildlife Trust at weekend for the sale of my bags in our (almost) local Nature Reserve at 'Mere Sands' which of course was brilliant news as they had sold my bags, but also meant I had to get busy and make some more. Above are a couple of the ones I have ready so far - planning on our visit for Sunday.
Mere Sands Nature Reserve is a wonderful place, so quiet and peaceful with plenty to see, as long as you have the patience to wait, particularly the kingfisher can be rather shy. For further details there is a link on my website.

Has meant I have struggled a bit to keep up with the Folksy 'June Bugs Daily listing club' but at least I am being kept nice and busy. I have also searched and found all the fabric and extra's for my next set of bags, should be popular with the dog lovers. I have also neglected my Special by SimJaTa shop, hope to remedy that one soon - have some simply gorgeous fabrics for silky scarves, as we do not appear to be having a roasting hot summer so far, so they should still be popular.

As usual I do struggle with never enough hours in the day, so if these two bags from my shop are still there at weekend, they may well be finding themselves in the Mere Sands shop. These pictures do connect to my shop, just click on them and they will take you there (at least until Saturday).

Hope everyone is keeping busy, but maybe a little less than me by finding some relaxation time too - hoping to find mine on Sunday at our little Mere Sands oasis of calm.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. the frogs are super cute!

  2. Thanks Eva, I love these frogs, but they dont seem to have the same appeal on-line as they do in 'real life'

    Lynda x

  3. I like the frogs too, a very happy bag indeed! Congrats on your sales from Mere Sands...I have been waiting over a month now for a cheque to come through (for a rather large sum of money) from a local stockist...driving me mad because it left me so out of pocket!