Thursday, 2 June 2011

A bag for a friend

Those of you who follow my facebook may have already seen the terrible twosome. The black Labrador is my very own Alfie, the Golden Retriever is his best friend in the entire world Zac. When these dogs are together they see nobody else, a very firm friendship.
Of course as a result Zac's Mum and I have been forced to spend a lot of time together on our walks, luckily we get on well too.
Whilst viewing the photo's on my facebook Zac's Mum of course fell upon my bags and told all her contacts about them, which was great for the one's who have a PC - strange as this seems to us Folksy Crafters and indeed bloggers not everyone does.

So, Zac's Mum ordered a bag with the gruesome twosome on - as we have similar tastes the design is up to me, so I designed something I would like, she 'thinks' she is paying for this at weekend, but no chance... On our dog walk today I mentioned how I was struggling for time, what with my business and OH having booked us in at the Southport Fun Fest with Woof Beginnings, at short notice giving me 3 days to sort everything out. I am almost there, with some great people donating prizes for a tombola (yes that can be sorted in one night, I hope as thats tomorrows job), but not so many volunteers to help set up at 8am Saturday morning...infact just me and OH with 2 hours to put up a Gala Tent and set everything up.
So, Zac's Mum not only offered to donate prizes to raise funds for Woof Beginnings but also voluntered to come and help set up - how wonderful is that? So, the bag will be a thank you gift.

I do have one listed in my shop, and details here on how you can order - simply click on the photo of the rather handsome Greyound for the information

I had hoped my next blog to be featuring the Folksy June Bugs and all their wonderful crafts, but the time constraints are making this a bit tricky - I will try steal some time from somewhere but if not, will certainly sort out some features for next week once I recover from the charity event.

Better get back to the table cloth ironing, and sign laminating - then thats me for today, long day ahead tomorrow - and you might not see me over the weekend, show is till 6pm each day and Sunday will be packing up so late night then.

Have a good weekend, and hope all your craft fairs go well.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Nice bag, great idea to have photos included, makes it so very personal.

  2. Your friend is going to love the bag! Hope the weekend is good to you and you get chance to put your feet up!


  3. Awwww! What a great idea!

  4. Thank you. My friend loved her bag. The weekend was a huge success too.