Monday, 11 April 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Its my birthday tomorrow, another year has just flown by. Dont know about you out there but it seems to be true the older you are the faster it seems to fly by.
So today I treated myself from a day off working and had a try at creating some summer tops, not having a clue where to start I had the fool idea I might be able to sell them one day.. or not!
I am clueless with a pattern so started from scratch, the summer flower being my first using some reclaimed duvet fabric, as you see the buttons are a tad on the wonky side, lessons to be learnt there for a start. Not to mention not enough seam allowance so the top wont fit me either.
Top number 2, is made from some 'Tom and Jerry' fabric I had lying around with no use, (as of course we cannot sell Disney due to copyright) so this is of course for me, with yet another wonky button, not tried it yet but it has come out larger than the first attempt so should be good. I have one more metre of fabric to try out then I just might return to the art of bag making.
Speaking of which, here are a couple of my bags available in my Folksy shop.

Simply click on the picture to be taken to my shop for further pictures and details, dont worry I promise there are no silly tops in there.

Not much planned for tomorrow, dog walking which seems to take me over 2 hours these days, then bringing forward my task of making the dog treats for next days class (usually done in the evening), Tuesdays is always take Aunt out for afternoon, then family meal at other Aunties and Cake, hurray!! No cooking or washing up for me tomorrow.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Happy birthday to You! Hope you have a really good day and get pampered!

    I think the summer tops are great and think you should do more of those (once you have mastered the art of getting buttons in a line lol).

    Have a great day


  2. Thank you Mick, just back from a rather large birthday meal.

    There may well be a thing about the Wonky Buttons though, might just catch on:) Way to go yet with the top making, just hope I have it mastered before the end of summer.