Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Fun in the Sun

The dogs keep telling me its far too nice to be indoors working. So warm for them out we dash down to the pond and spend more time there for them to keep cool. In today's pictures from earlier in the day, we have my Alfie (the Black Labrador), his best friend Zac (Golden Retriever) and my old girl Tess (yellow labrador), having far too much fun.
By the time the dog walking was done, not much time to squash in the rest of the days chores, and no time left at all to get any work done. I did however manage to list one of the Summer Bags I created yesterday.

Also on the warm summer theme, is the last one listed for the bicycle enthusiast.

Hope you are all enjoying the spell of good weather, I am not really a big fan of it, seen today under a large hat. Not sure when I will get to blog next as its our fund raiser over the weekend for Woof Beginnings, setting up our new marquee on Friday then the show is Saturday, Sunday and Monday, with family tea to enjoy on Sunday evening too, but I guess most people will be out and about enjoying Easter and the forcast good weather. Hopefully in my area they will be at the Town and Country Fair in Southport buying from our stall to help the needy dogs.

Enjoy your weekend!

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Love the happy doggy pics and really like the cycling bag :-) x

  2. Great pictures of the doggies, they look like they are having far too much fun!

    Great bags too, which reminds me, do you know anybody who makes handmade bicycle pannier bags?


  3. That looks like so much fun! Lovely photos - makes me want to join in!!

    I am in love with that sheep fabric... Great bags as usual.

    Ali x
    Ali's Craft Studio

  4. Your pictures of the pack in water are as always making my pack jealous.
    Love, love, love the bag with sheeps, but you know that right? I wonder... 3rd swank bag with sheeps or not to third bag of swank with sheep? That is the question....

  5. Is that Zac in the bottom pic? He looks like the luck dragon from the Neverending story!

    That's a good thing!