Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Easter Weekend

As you know from my previous post this weekend was spent fund-raising and spreading awareness for Woof Beginnings. Friday was the day to set up, great fun was had trying to erect the new small marquee, especially after working out the instructions did not correspond with the poles in the box, so after a couple of hours of trying the instructions were abadonded and after another couple of hours of trying and help from some of the other stall holders we managed to get the thing resembling how it should. Saturday morning from 8am was setting up which turned out to take much longer than we thought too, so the photo is of it 'almost' done. The good news was despite the strong wind there it stayed for the whole event, and this time no imploding or blowing away. I always enjoy watching the birds of prey, though I am a bit nervous of them - but was brave enough to take a couple of pictures of the babies and the barn owl.

Not the best of amounts raised after 3 long days - we only took £79, but then of course the public do not have the same amount of pennies these days to give out. We did raise awareness and manage to send a few people along to the various rescue's we support in the hope of homing some needy dogs, so thats the main thing.

A dampener on the weekend was OH got his car written off in a nasty crash on Sunday evening, him and Alfie were very lucky and both intact despite the car resembling a banana wrapped around the traffic light it was punted into. Took a good few hours after the paramedics, traffic police and tow truck had sorted it all out, and a visit to A&E to have OH checked over. The car has now been crushed into a box. Certainly focus's the mind toward what is really important in life.

No work done for a few days, though I have picked up a custom order on-line so must be getting on with that today. So I hope nobody minds my just showing of a couple of items at the end of this as a reminder what is available in my shop.

Hope everyone had a good weekend, and please remember to cherish those you love - as in the blink of an eye things can suddenly be so different.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. So sorry to hear of the accident! Great to hear boys are fine, but of course the destruction of the car must make things complicated.
    Well done to you for helping raise awarness as always, you are a star!
    P.S. are you provoking me with that sheep bag again? How norty!

  2. Sorry to hear about the car accident but you are right that something like that does put everything into perspective. Glad that everyone is OK.

    Well done on getting your gazebo up! I have seen many a stallholder battling with these Gala Tents (it won't fit in our car so we are sticking with our lighter, easier ones, thank God!)

    Congratulations on what sounds like a really fun weekend and lovely bags as always.

    Ali x

  3. Thanks Eva, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    Thanks to Ali too, glad its not just us that struggled with the pesky thing then, we lost 4 of the lighter ones last year time for drastic action.

  4. I am so glad everybody is OK Lynda; that is shocking and you are right it really does focus the mind on what is important.

    Congratulations on mastering the tent and hope you label everything for next time ;)


  5. Thanks Mick, erm labelling?? that might have been a good idea - however said tent had to come down with four people in a howling gale with each piece sat on before loading into boxes and bags.