Friday, 29 April 2011

Folksy Friday ~ Fab Folksy Folk

Slightly different theme this week, those who read my last entry will have seen OH had a quite nasty car accident at weekend. This did affect us a bit more than I let on, the what 'might have beens' haunted me and what did surprise me the most was the reactions of others. First of I would like to thank some of my good friends Paula, Julie and Chris for their support. Also thanks to Mick, Ali and Eva who took the time to comment.
The best surprise was the support from my Folksy Family, in some cases this was more than people I thought were friends, so todays Folksy Friday is a thank you to those special not only talented but very kind people. As always simply click on the photo to be taken for further details of the item and enable you to look at the rest of the Folksy shop. Remember these are not just talented Folk, but also kind and supportive people.

To begin with is a lovely lady Bonnita from her new shop 'Scrub up Lovely' a tough choice on what to feature as all her soaps are gorgeous she is also making a new soap (made to order) that helps those of us who suffer from Psoriasis. Today I have featured her Gardeners Soap.

Next is Helen from 'Ivy Dean Designs' again, was quite a struggle to choose from all her fantastic jewellery but I have selected the Green Snake Skin Agate Necklace

Leanne, from Leanne Wood Designs has a great shop with so much to choose from, she has a variety of these lovely purses at great prices

Next up is Jill who is the 'Card Making Princess' selling fabulous cards and also some card making accessories

From Shirley, at Artigiana Jewellery again so much beautiful choice, I have selected this ceramic bead necklace

Lisa, from 'Infinit Jewellery' creates some special pieces ideal for the brides and for the young people's special Prom, this blue flower heart is one of my favourites in her shop

Next from 'The Sewing Room' Gracie has many choices too, this is one of her Cosmetic Bags she has to tempt you

Another Special someone is 'Diomo Glass' I do know her name, but have always referred to her as 'Diomo'. Just like to also give a warm welcome back to Diomo who has just returned to us at Folksy after a short absence.

Take a look at this from Laura, at 'Lauras Jewellery' lots to choose from again but my favourite is this Fairy love Cameo Pendant

Michelle from CShell Designs has some wonderful cards in her shop, this one is a Purple Dragon Fly Tilda Birthday Card

Last but by no means least is the superb talent of Linda from Uniquely Yours, during the show I did and the aftermath I was a bit down on promotion efforts, Linda very kindly featured my items in her fantastic blog (the one with the poetry). Again hard to choose but I thought these were a great idea for the warm evenings outdoors.

Thank you for reading, and dont forget not only are these Folksy Crafters talented, but also great people. Please enjoy a treat from one of their super shops, the hard work put into them and still sparing the time for others makes it a worth while choice.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Aww! Thank you so much for including me and my little bee! You are most welcome and I hope you're feeling much better about the whole incident. A nasty experience but you know you have so many online friends you can turn to. It's good to be back too!

  2. Thank you so much, that was very unexpected :) Thhanks for featuring my flower necklace it's one of my favs too.
    I hope you are all on the road to recovery and I totally agree the Folksy Family is one of the best and most supportive of all.

  3. Love the soaps! Did you try it Lynda? I have PA myself (well, it is undecided yet since one doctor claims I have lupus not PA LOL- I do have patches of psoriasis however)

  4. Thank you again.

    Eva, my soap not arrived yet but there is a link on my FB page showing how good it is in photographs of someone who has tried it. Bonnita at Scrubs up Lovely makes them to order, sure she can send one to you.
    Lynda x

  5. Thanks for including my card and i have to agree that the folksy family are great.

  6. Hadn't heard your news but sooo glad you OH is ok.
    Beautiful choices from such lovely people. Leanne's purse is gorgeous

  7. Thank you again for featuring my card Lynda. I too agree the folksy family are a great bunch and you know we're always here.

    Michelle xx

  8. Thank you for featuring my snakeskin necklace Lynda. I do hope you are all on the road to recovery after your horrible weekend and that the "what ifs & might have beens" soon evaporate away. My Mum (and Hamish, Molly & Percy) also send their love and best wishes. Hx

  9. I didn`t know about the car accident. Sorry to hear about it and glad all were okay. The what if`s are always awful and you are right it does make you realise what`s important.
    A lovely collection of items, all fabulous, especially love the necklace by Ivy Dean designs.
    Thank you so much for including my glass covers, much appreciated. Linda

  10. I must have missed the information on the car accident too, I do hope he is ok and not too shaken up by the incident, and that you too are coping with the aftermath, it can be incredibly stressful for all, even if you were not personally involved.

    Lovely feature choices.

    Hugs, Natalie x

  11. Thanks Lynda, I better contact the seller ASAP before I forget where did I see it LOL.
    Let me know how did you find it as well, we can compare notes afterwards LOL.
    BTW, I found the goat milk products exceptional for calming skin with psoriasis and for sure found that bamboo is better than cotton when it comes to clothing. I guess that milk proteine fabric would be ideal, but so far I did not come across it anywhere and know it only as fibre I make yarn from. So, socks in my case.

  12. Thanks Eva, will do that. Not much Bamboo around here either.

    Lynda x

  13. If you want socks made of bamboo or gloves pop me a message on FB. I can get it for you ;-).
    E. ;-)

  14. Thank you so much for including my little purse.

    I hope you're all feeling a bit better about the whole thing, although I remember that for weeks after Robert and I were in a car accident it would make me really cross every time I thought about it.

    You're so right, Folksy is a great source of support and help and not just for the crafty bits:)

    Leanne xx