Tuesday, 25 January 2011

SimJaTa and the Arts

Well, not really SimJaTa and Arts, but cats and the arts. I discovered this fabulous fabric featuring the cats at the art gallery and thought it was wonderful. Sneak preview here as I havent got around the listing the "Gallery Cats" bag as yet, or the "Fairy Garden" one, just thought I would show off my latest makes here. I also made up a custom design with pets this week, but as its a gift for the mother of one of my blog followers I better not show that one off just yet.
Delivery of new fabric is always such and exciting time for Bags of Swank by SimJaTa, hours are spent choosing fabrics that hopefully are not the ones seen every day, and certainly not seen upon the shoulders of others.

One of my new 'brights' has arrived in the shop this week, I think of this as a spring bag, certainly a cheery design as we finish off these darker months of winter, you can find this in my shop by clicking the picture here...

The new destash shopping is doing well, last night I listed some new beads and they were sold in minutes, think my prices must be good. Certainly takes up a lot of time sorting out beads, counting and photographing, hats off to suppliers on Folksy its not something I would like to do full time, an awful lot of work. Not for much longer for me though, I can almost see the bottom of one of my craft crates now, so I would say the jewellery making destash should be done by February (as long as I can keep up the pace, LOL).

Thats all for today, I will be listing more beads each day and next tote bag listing should be Thursday - unless someone invents the 36 hour day for me.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. hehehe I like the cats at the art gallery one, that is sure to sell quickly! and it is really nice to hear that spring is on its way!

    Great to hear that your destash shop is doing well...I have been trying to promote it on a couple of 'jewellery' forums for you ;)


  2. Oh thank you Mick, I thought the gallery cats to be quite classy.

    Thank you for promoting, very good of you - at last I can see the bottom of the box (almost).

  3. I am loving your bags linda. Especially the frogs and turtles. The faires are also lovely. Cant wait for spare cash so I can make some more purches.


  4. Hi Lynda, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment : ) From one full time crafter to another, I hope you have a productive day and a lovely weekend : )

  5. Thanks Wenona x

    hello Aileen, good day and great weekend to you too.
    Lynda x