Friday, 14 January 2011

Folksy Friday - Folksy on Safari

Welcome to my new Folksy Friday slot. Today we are going on safari with Folksy, which is to showcase the superb talented Folksy Crafters with Safari theme items in their shops, simply 'click' on the photograph to be taken to the shop of the seller, were you can also view the rest of their fabulous items available to purchase.

So, hats on and come aboard the Landy were we have our first stop at this tiger by the lovely Natalie at NofkantsCurious

Wait!! Here's another one, this one from Leopard Print Bee

Oh noooooooooo, Lilac Elephant seems to be surrounded by animals here

"Over here" says Dash Crafts, she has found the Giraffes,

Millie and Milliebeads warns us all to take care not to step on the Lizards

Looks like Bee Bears has found the bears..

Careford Creations has found another Giraffe, but back at her shop she also has an Elephant, Snake and Lion to keep him company

Looks like the Giraffe may have shedded, back at My Excess Stock, here are some beads that look just like it

Here at Lisa-Maries handmade jewellery, she has managed to find a Gecko

Dab and a dash, has found a very sunny looking lion

As our surroundings become more tropical, we might need the shade of a palm tree, I think Gimme that thing may have found one for us to shelter

Whilst still in the tropical oasis, beneath the bushes are hiding some butterflies found by LouLousLuxuries

..and then SimJaTa found the Gorilla's, hiding amoungst the bags at Bags of Swank

As everyone on Safari was wilting from the heat, right there in the tropics was suddenly found very cool waters, and in them were Penguins from Wellydog gallery

I hope you have enjoyed this selection of super talent, and there are not too many to choose from. Thank you for reading this far, and thank you to the wonderful Folksy Crafters for taking part in today's Safari.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Thank you so much for including by gemstone tiger keyring / handbag charm, He looks very regal sitting on top of all the other features. LOL!

    Love the Giraffe print, Millie's lizard earrings and Welly's penguin ACEO!

    Natalie x

  2. Thanks ever so much for including Griselda Giraffe and friends! Great selection.


  3. Thanks for including my bear :-)

  4. Hehe Thank you for including my (super exotic) butterflies! I'm sure your gorilla loves chasing them all day long :)

    Brilliant Folksy Friday!

  5. heehee love the safari! thanks for featuring my giraffe!

    DC x

  6. Thats genius never expected you to get my Penguin in well done x

  7. Great Journey, Thanks for letting the Lizards out,

  8. What a great post..such a fun safari tour...where are we off to next??

    {Dab and a dash.}
    Thank you for including my "sunny" lion notebook :o)

  9. That was lovely. A great read and really made me smile. Linda

  10. Great blog, thanks for including my gecko x x

  11. I loved going on safari! Glad the palmwood ring provided some shelter from the blistering heat and the sun. Thanks, Lynda!

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