Sunday, 1 July 2012

How much fun is this?


I finally found a youtube video that 'clicked' and taught me how to do this. Not quite in Zoe's league yet (doodle queen) but having a lot of fun and a head just bursting with new ideas. The above, I called 'Angel' is the first full page doodle I have done, was over a couple of days and I really enjoyed it.

Here is my next one, I got brave here and added some watercolour too and some lettering, again took me a couple of days to finish. But thats due to lack of free time really, I just kept picking it up. I do need some new pens I think, just using a bic ink pen at the moment.

.. and then I got really brave and tried a spot of colour. Not only that, but I read a 'true' doodle is one made from just a scribble of the pen and see were that leads, so this one was just that, a total scribble I then turned into my own monster and called him 'nightmare', dont ask me why I used felt tips to colour him in I now think paint would have been better but no matter, he was fun to do.

I have seen a few pen and ink doodles with watercolour, so I have the watercolours at the ready for a play, need plenty more practice with them as a different ballgame to the acrylics I have been used too.

Hope everyone is enjoying a good weekend whatever our weird weather is throwing at you, ours has been a showery weekend, but dry and windy today and a bit chilly to say its July. Please do spare a thought for our friends in the USA though many of whom are experiencing some truly terrible weather.


  1. Wow, they look amazing, Lynda! Clever you!

    Rosie. x

  2. Love them! They are really good! It's been a while since I did a doodle, you've tempted me to do one, but I killed all my pens outlining something on canvas the other night so I'd better get some new ones.
    Keep it up!
    Zoe x

  3. Thanks Rosie, you should try it - its fun.

    Hello Zoe (Queen of Doodle) now I am really flattered if you think they are good, look forward to seeing your new canvas x

  4. Hi Lynda. Your zentangle doodles are really really good. Keep up the good work and maybe both you and me will be as good as Zoe Ford one day!!!

  5. Fantastic! The top two remind me of pre-printed designs that I used to spend hours colouring in when I was younger.

    I share your thoughts with the people in the USA. My favourite band the Ozrics Tentacles (who are essentially a family) have recently moved out there...only to loose their home and 30 years of their musical archive to the nasty forest fires they are having :'(


  6. LOL, thanks Tanya - I think you have a head start on me to make Princess of Doodles.

    Thanks Mick. Oh noooooooooo, didnt realise the Ozrics were in Colarado, we have a couple of members in our Facebook group there so have been aware all week, the news told us of other States affected by severe storms too. We feel so blessed were we are, I realise we have had flooding here in the UK too this past week but only one fatality I am aware of.

    1. They moved there from the UK a couple of years ago. There home burnt to the ground taking with it "all of our archives, photos, masters, studio equipment, artwork, a ton of instruments, the list goes on and on."


  7. Fantastic Lynda....just love these doodles, must try it out myself - can you send me the link to the youtube video in an email? Cheers :-D xx

  8. Such a shame Mick, very sad for them.

    Thanks Julie, link sent to you - hope you have made a start now?

    Cheers Janice, nice of you to pop by.