Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Art Journal - Book of Days

This is my latest page in my 'Book of Days' Art Journal, I first learnt about Art Journalling through my friend Zoe (Fordie Fresh) blog, started to google for more information which lead me to the wonderfully talented Effy Wild and her group for the 'Book of Days'. This was back in January and I have learnt so much since then, not just about Art but life in general, and help for an improved outlook on life. The above page was 'inspired' by this weeks video from Effy, in the Book of Days program there are 2 of these per week completely free and a Facebook group you can join if you wish (and a flickr group) you can find more information and the videos here Book of Days.

It is in part due to my involvement with the Book of Days group I have had the confidence to try painting on canvas and larger papers - I'm not that great at it yet, but I have a wonderful time and can escape for hours with my easel and paints. This is the painting I did this week on canvas board 20" x 16".

This week I have learnt so much more and cant wait to put what I have learnt into practice, I have some A3 card all primed and ready to go, just needing a bit more free time......... infact I might just make a start this evening, why wait?

I have popped some illustrated ACEO's in my Etsy shop, so dont forget in a few years when I am a world famous artist they will be very valuable (LOL!!!!)

Before I forget, anyone who read my last post about my dimwitted Labrador who ate the jellyfish, he is fine now - thank you to those who messaged me to find out how he was:)

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  1. I love your page and your free form and colorful! I would love something like that on a wall in my home!