Monday, 30 July 2012

New Painting Style

Whoops, I see its been some time since my last blog. Time goes so fast these days. Just for a change I have been busy painting, (and sketching too, but not shown those) seen here is a very large canvas, with inks on. Now it has more colour, paint and black sides... the idea is to actually then put a painting on it.. but its very nerve wracking. I do have a place to exhibit in town now, just a matter of getting brave enough and I am hoping to start with this canvas.

Anyway, the new painting style is abstract, I love it. I love looking at brightness and fun pictures, and I love doing them... amazingly with all this expressionism my sketching of realism is improving, not sure how that works? Here is an A3 painting of a sketch I did in my book, its the first time I have actually managed a copy, aside from the dog who does look more like a gargoyle in this painting and is actually a greyhound in my sketchbook, not sure what happened there?

The next was part of my being brave and painting on a new canvas, its only A3 sized but was still an achievement for me to actually paint on it, the funiest thing about this painting is its marmite effect - everyone who has seen it either loves it or hates it.. I'm not really sure about it, but never mind its bright and cheery thats for sure.

This one was my first 'Love Heart Girl' it is my aim to do a collection of these once I am happy with one, the last one was so hideous I didnt even photograph her, so they do still need some improvements. But Mum was fond of this one as she likes the colours.

So there you have it, my new style (for now) love it or hate it - I enjoy it. Some of you may notice I am influenced by some of the abstract painters, one of my all time favourites on line, he can be found on Youtube and his paintings are on sale on ebay is "RaeArt" he is worth looking up, his works are great and he teaches on youtube and entertains too.

I'm off to take another look at this large canvas............

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