Saturday, 14 July 2012

Garbage Guts

Its been a while, again... sorry about that. I have had a few issues going on, some health related and some dog related so not much arting going on, and despite the work on the Etsy shop I am joining M&S with the fall in sales, though not quite loosing as many millions.

So, the dogs - well actually its just been this one in the picture we will call him Garbage Guts for now. Due to my walking with a group of people each day who have spoilt him, and there being a large group of dogs to play with, without my noticing all this became far more interesting than me it seems. GG has become a very naughty and unruly dog and this has to stop! Of course his daily walking fan club can see no wrong in his behavoir but I can. To me a dog who jumps up at people, snatches biscuits from their hands and steals from pockets, not to mention has absolutely no recall whatsoever is not a good (or nice) dog to be around.

This came to a head today, when the OH and I set off toward to sea with GG, Tess, Jaja and Bailey to have a lovely peaceful walk with nobody about (its a bit on the muddy side on the coast, so not many others venture out there).. it was going great till old Garbage Guts found something in the distance to eat, despite our calling him back and telling him to leave it.. gone it was:( which was no surprise really. We continued on until GG became very very poorly indeed, we had to turn back take the other dogs home and head for the vet!

We suspect the offending article to have been a jelly fish!! so vet treatment and a nice weekend bill followed, and a rather poorly looking Labrador. The diagnosis was offically 'Garbage Disease' common in the Labrador causing acute illness from unknown object being consumed.

Lesson learnt here is just how important it is to have some level of control over your dog, so as of next week he will not be going out with his friends, nor will I.. I will be out early with the other three dogs then returning for some one-to-one training with Alfie aka Garbage Guts.

The picture was taken last weekend on our beach walk. Tomorrow is either not the beach or a long line we can hurl him back on.

Hope you are all having a boring weekend, as to me boring would be very good.

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  1. Sympathies - I have a lab too so I know that sinking feeling when you see them swallowing some unknown object and you know you'll have to be watching out for the consequences for days to come! Hope Alfie is recovered and the training goes well for you.

    Alison x