Thursday, 28 June 2012

Still Happy Sketching

Still happy sketching in the evenings and exploring other mediums, this one is ink pens and watercolour. The sketch was inspired by one I saw by Tamara LaPorte from Willowing on her blog.

My next one was fancing a spot of doodling, there are a lot of my arty contacts doing this at the moment its very relaxing. This one is watercolour and ink pen in my A5 sketchbook.

Here is yet another of my faces practice (I do a lot of this) used my new coloured ballpoints and some watercolour, yes I would like hair like that - would certainly be differerent LOL.

Lastly I had on the go a 20" x 16" canvas, takes sometime to do all the colours and then a different tone glaze a day to finish off. Had fun with it, but its my third one in that style now, so time for something new. I have the same size canvas board on my easil primed ready to start, be another week no doubt but hope to start tomorrow, on a new style.

Lastly I must thank Tanya from for awarding me the versatile blogger award. I have actually been awarded this three times (I think) sadly I am not smart enough to carry out all the instructions, I cant even manage to put the picture on display - so please do not think I am not grateful for these awards I am, but just all too technical for me.. some might just be relieved this means I now dont have to bore them to bits with 7 facts about me?? if I could manage to think of any, dont think 7 lots of I like Art and Dogs would do it.....


  1. haha! I am exactly the same; some of these awards are very complicated aren't they! Love all your new sketches and particularly like the one with the hair...I would like hair like that too!


  2. Thanks Mick, been practicing the doodles for next blog post - plenty of fun there.