Wednesday, 6 June 2012

new easel fun

On Saturday I took delivery of a much needed new easel, my others were quite small and the week before I visited a car boot and purchase 4 very large canvas's to paint on, around 32" each, seemed like a good idea at the time till I realised I had no way to use them, plan for the future is clearing out a room to use the wall with a hook on. Anyway, my easel arrived wrapped in a huge piece of card, cut in half made it around 25" which fit nicely on said new easel. As it was a bit wonky I tried covering it in newsprint and pva to make a stronger surface to work on....

Turned out not to be one of my better ideas, but it did give me more confidence to work on my first larger surface before moving to either a board or a canvas. So, here is my first larger abstract, still a bit wonky due to the paper and card but gave me practice and the fun. I varnished it too just to see how that would look.

Still not overly confident I am priming a large piece of board which is about 36" to have another go on... think maybe I am spending too much time watching Rolf Harris, he was on the tv last night with the Jubilee Art, how fab was that? only wish I could have got to London to see the exhibition.

I am also having a go at a wooden box, that too is at priming stage at the moment, but I have plans to give it a new bright and lined look and pop it in the Etsy shop.

Hope everyone had a great Jubilee weekend, I did enjoy the coverage I saw and cant wait for the concert to be on CD.


  1. That is so big! I would find that really daunting and wouldn't know where to start with such a big space but you have obviously managed it :) I missed Rolf but really enjoyed the weekend.


  2. Thanks Mick, I love it - just take notes from Rolf to start "kill the white" and take it from there:)

    Glad you had a great weekend.