Saturday, 16 June 2012

Sand, Sea and Spray. Blackpool 2012

Today we braved the appauling weather conditions and visited Blackpool. Blackpool is hosting Sand, Sea and Spray which is the Urban Arts Festival. There is one more day to go, so if you can get there its still on tomorrow 17th June 2012 and the art works I have pictured below will probably be finished by then.

As it happened we were very lucky with the weather and stayed dry all day, just started to rain as we got to the car park to come home, armed with bags of Blackpool rock, fudge and inscence sticks (I know, dont ask there was a nice dog in the shop I went to say hello too - like this house needs anymore insence).

Many of the roads were closed as some singer called 'Elton John' is performing there tonight and has had this rather large stage built for the event.

Here are some of my fave artworks from the day, please do be aware they are not all finished and are work in progress. I must also add all the artists as well as being mega talented are also very friendly people who are happy to discuss their artworks and art backgrounds with the public.

I think this is to be an annual event, I know there was one in 2011 (pictures can be found on

A great day out, the Urban Art Festivals are held nationally too check out there may be one nearer to you too.


  1. Looks like a great event and wouldn't it be great for you to have a go next year ;) Now they are BIG canvases!

    I love Blackpool, sadly haven't been for a couple of years but have many fond memories of the place.


  2. Thanks Mick, never thought of that - though must admit if someone gave me a wall and a few cans of paint I would love to have a go.

    I did enjoy Blackpool might just venture there again, meanwhile going to watch out for more urban art events to take a look at too.