Monday, 11 June 2012

Anyone for Abstract?

So, this is what I have been up to for most of the week. Its a bit on the large side at 30" x 30" and has no hanger on yet, so if I do decide (after varnish) I want to hang it somewhere I will need to speak to my joiner friend about adding a frame to the back.
Mostly Acrylic paint, with a bit of inks.

I have today scaled down to an A3 watercolour pad, and a couple of smaller works to practice on. Must say I could quite easily get used to working on a larger scale.. might need some more paint first though.

I have seen some great groups on Flickr so going to join a couple of groups on there, even found a couple of local artists which was interesting.

I am starting to think I was born to do this, just should have realised it a good few years ago, ok my paintings will not be to everyone's tastes but I can live with that, I just love to paint.. once I have walked the dogs, done the chores I cant wait to get out the brushes and thats me till teatime (and often beyond).


  1. Absolutely stunning! Lovely happy colours that all work well together. I like how my eyes are always taken around the painting anti-clockwise. Starting at the bottom left and finishing with the heart in the top corner. If that was on my wall I would just spend hours gazing at it!!


  2. Thank you so much Mick, you can be my art critic. I think there is just us that like it though, and a couple of members on flickr LOL.

    Loving painting, I'm now off to find out more on your group Ozric Tentacles so I can try painting while I listen.