Tuesday, 3 May 2011

New Designs from SimJaTa

Refreshed from the Bank Holiday outing, Bags of Swank by SimJaTa has been trying some new designs. As much as I love tote bags I must realise not everyone has the desire to cart round the kitchen sink when they leave the house, some people have more sense and use a 'smaller' bag.
So SimJaTa set to work to try create a clutch bag, as you see not quite got there yet but it is still on the drawing board.

The Boho style bag with the Old English Sheepdogs and Bearded Collies started out smaller but grew, I did like the end result though, so this bag will be on sale in the Folksy shop soon.
The second bag is going back to SimJaTa roots, and has been upcycled aside from the vintage Paisley fabric to the flap and sides, the rest of the bag is made from upcycled fabric and handle, the bag charm on the side I found in a drawer from my long gone jewellery making days as I thought this set off the bag nicely. Again, I was happy with the results and this too will be available to purchase in my Folksy shop soon - maybe even this week! So do watch out for that one.

Raring to go today with a clean slate ready to create something different, just a visit to the Post Office to go with the weekends custom order, and another awaiting photograph - a friend of mine was looking at the photo's of her dog on my Facebook page, showed her friend who is now interested in a Custom Bag with her dog on, just shows the power of networking does help (see today's Folksy Blog).

Hope you are all refreshed from the lovely weekend.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Some great new bags there and I do like your bags made from upcycled fabric, it is amazing how well that bag charm suits the bag!


  2. Thanks Mick. See how it goes, last time my upcycled products were not so popular, having another try.