Tuesday, 10 May 2011

More from the Folksy Mayhem Folks

I think I am getting far too addicted to this new club, may be something to do with the warm welcome? Just love watching the new crafts added throughout the day, the hard part is choosing the favourites, I forced myself to choose just 7 today - was not an easy task. But I did also do some tweeting earlier of some of the other items, also tried not to duplicate from my last choices although of course I do favour some shops.

Also enjoying browsing and today's blog as I am 'meant' to be tidying up the front garden - promised myself I would do it today, but it just might rain (before I get around to getting out there)

To begin today is an ACEO from the Nostalgia Collection by "Maxine Veronica Art"

Stunning Earrings with sky blue flowers from "Milliebead"

Here from "Diomo Glass" some sunshine for all year round for your window sill

One of my, (and my Mums) favourite jewellers "Bessie loves" with this lovely brass butterfly necklace

This is something totally different, completely caught my eye - sure it will yours too, how about this for a totally individual gift from "Spirit of the Woods"

From "Lynwoodcrafts" this really pretty lavender bag, just after I choose this picture I noticed another one of 3 - what a great set.

From "Pants and Paper" great quality gift tags, finish off a Folksy gift in style

Lastly, from "Bags of Swank by SimJaTa" a gift for the horse person, tote bag with wild horses

Hope you enjoyed today's choices, for more information and to look at the rest of the wonderful shops above, simply click on the picture to be taken to their shop.

Not raining yet, suppose I really should make for the garden.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. I can't choose a favourite - although Pantsandpaper's gift tags had caught my eye. Thank you for including my lavender bag.


  2. Great selection Lynda. I like every one of them!

  3. 7 a day and all your tweeting. You're too good to us all. Thanks so much!!!
    Fab choices. I love Susan's sun panel.

    I am feeling very good because I have done some gardening today. The veg are now out of the pots and into the ground. Yay! Hope you managed to get some done yourself

  4. Thanks Sue and Eva.

    Gemma, would you like to come and do mine? no I went to finish off a cosmetics bag instead and cut out one for a birthday gift. Going to feed the dogs in a mo, and its still sunny - so will go do a quick tidy, honest.

  5. Super selection I love your horsey bag. Thanks for showing off my earrings,

  6. Thank you for including my sunshine! The gift tags are striking.

  7. Fab selection, just adore Diomo's sunshine stunning!.

    Thank you for including my Nostalgia ACEO too

    Max x

  8. Some beautiful treasures, well found! x