Monday, 16 May 2011

Goodbye to the bus

No, that wasnt the goodbye. That was last year after getting stuck on the beach, but otherwise my pride and joy, complete with paw prints and bumper stickers for Bags of Swank.
Let me start at the beginnning, at Easter OH had his car written off in a rather nasty accident were he was very lucky to be unharmed. His other car was waiting on repair in the garage proving to be a rather large job, scenario still on going. Then, last weekend my bus (seen above) was vandalised, putting me off the road for a week, and us being a vehicle free household - this in itself caused a lot of difficulties. Move forward to this Saturday, car fixed!! Hurray, I drove it ONCE to go tend to my Mum who has been unwell this weekend. Yesterday the end came, the engine died, the beloved bus is no more.
No, the exercise of walking 4 large dogs on foot is not good for my arthritic knees and back, I usually walk on sand which I can manage fine.

If anyone out there can find a plus side please let me know, as I am really struggling with this just now.

Sorry for the gloomy post, normal service will be resumed in a day or so when I hope to get back to the Folksy Mayhemers and show some goodies.


  1. So sorry to hear about the demise of your bus - I can understand why you will be finding it difficult to find something positive at the moment.

    I do believe that everything happens for a reason, even if we can't see what the reason could be at the time.

    Hope that silver lining appears really soon - I'm keeping my fingers (eyes and toes) crossed for you.

    Keep smiling - the world always look better with a smile!

    Ali x
    Ali's Craft Studio

  2. Thanks Ali, and there I was thinking you would find the positive in this.

    Smile will return tomorrow if thats ok, just need another day of wallowing.

    Lynda x

  3. Sorry but I hate cars and this has justified my hate even more!

    As Ali said, everything does happen for a reason and I hope something good comes from this soon for you.

    Best wishes


  4. Thanks Mick, not too fond of them myself right now.
    no more bus for me, looking into an estate, lets hope its a better deal this time.

    Still wallowing, but tomorrow is a new day.