Thursday, 5 May 2011

Inspiration leading to new items by SimJaTa

Today I have introduced a new range to Bags of Swank by SimJaTa. The 'Cosmetic Bag', the one in the above picture has not been listed yet, maybe at weekend - so keep checking.

Never under estimate the power of blogging. I was reading one of my favourite blogs by Uniquely Yours this morning, were she featured 'Bathroom Items' including some fabulous handmade soaps which can also be found on Folksy. I have been really struggling what to get my friend Sian for her birthday next week, whilst trying to support a fellow crafter on Folksy and found some great idea's on that blog. Then, I thought (light bulb moment) I could make her a cosmetics bag to put some items in - why not give it a go? So, I made 2 today and liked them so much I have added one to my shop.

You can find the lady responsible for my inspiration here (links to her fab blog are on the profile page)

I did also managed to finally conquor the Clutch Bag, also still to come in the Folksy shop (links on top right of page).

So, here is todays new listing - the very first Cosmetics Bag by SimJaTa

Also in my shop is a matching tote bag

So, today's lesson - keep reading those blogs out there you never know what they can lead too.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa'


  1. All lovely, but I do love that top one with the cat on it, very sweet! Mind you I really like the swan pattern too.

    Good luck with your new range!

  2. Thank you very much, glad I could help and thank you for showing my glass cover and coaster.
    Gorgeous make up bag, great idea to have a matching tote. Great gift idea for a teen. They tend to chuck it all in a bag for sleepovers. I know my 14 yr old grandaughter does. Linda

  3. Excellent! Love it Lynda.

  4. Thanks Margaret, I am currently on with a matching tote bag for the cat one. If you like it, should be a good recommendation for others too.
    Thanks again Linda, for your inspiration.

    hello Eva, glad you are still reading my ramblings.

    Lynda x

  5. I totally agree, reading other peoples' blogs is so inspirational!


  6. I've been really slack lately with keeping up with blogs but will take your advice and make more of an effort! v. cute new items btw.