Friday, 3 September 2010

Lavender Farm Order for Phytobotanica

I thought you might like to see some of the next lot of stock for the Lavender Farm. Cant believe its well over a month since our last visit! I took some tote bags, wheat bags and sachets and the boss lady requested something with actual Lavender on. So, I sought out some fabric and got to work. Sad thing is I cannot locate anymore of this lovely fabric, so this is the first and last lot, but during my search I did find some other wonderful lavender fabric which I am currently awaiting Mr Postman to bring me.
Just waiting for a convenient appointment now to meet up and take the order over, or at least send my driver (long suffering OH)as I am still flat out with other orders, I picked up a few custom ones at the country fair, so really must make a start on them, whilst keeping up the stock levels on the Folksy shop.
Also the new tote bags will be off to Mere Sands this weekend, so might have a few more of those to make up if they approve.

Bags of Swank by SimJaTa is being kept nice and busy, though its tough going as the weather has gone a bit warmer, lovely outdoors but getting a bit on the warm side for working at the machine with enough rather warm lighting.

Have a good weekend Blog people, dont work too hard.


  1. That is a shame that you cannot locate that fabric anymore but good news that you managed to find a replacement. Sounds like you are really busy!!


  2. p.s. Just PM'd you about something else on the crafts forum lol


  3. Thanks Mick, tis a shame yes. Steve is off to the farm tomorrow and boss lady has more idea's so looking good.