Tuesday, 28 September 2010

New Shop on hold?

Day started full of creativity and excitement for new Folksy Shop. Foolishly on the same day Alfie was going to the vet for xrays, just as a precaution mind as he has had a few lame incidents after exessive exercise. So first 5 hours of day spent waiting to collect him, too worried to do anything else. We collected him, along with a big bag of meds, and dont know what is wrong yet - been a very long day waiting for the vet to call, who was not available at the time. Also have a very distressed Alfie recovering from GA, very noisily so concentraton shot.

Good news at weekend, both cars passed their MOT!!! Hurray. Inlaw visit went well, with bags of fabric in tow, so that was even better.

I have managed to register my new shop on Folksy today, its called "Special by SimJaTa" but thats as far as its got, so no links anywhere and no big announcements as yet.

Please keep your fingers crossed for the verdict on Alfie, he is only 2 years old and not been with us a year as yet.


  1. I hope Alfie is OK - I will be keeping everything crossed for him xx

    Ali x

  2. Pass on my best wishes to Alfie and I hope things are OK!


  3. Thank you.

    Seems its hip displaysia, not the best of news but can be managed.
    Lynda x