Monday, 16 August 2010

Best in Show

Yesterday was the dog show we have been waiting for. Woof Beginnings had a stall and so did my Bags of Swank by SimJaTa handbags, tote bags, backpacks and gadget holders. People were there for the dog show really, not much spending going on but I did manage to sell a fair amount and come away with 2 custom orders, Woof Beginnings made a few quid too. We entered our dogs in the show, my old girl got 4th in 'meet the grandparents' and my lurcher Jaja won his 'mixed' class, then went on to win BEST IN SHOW!! Handsome boy that he is.

Was a very long day, well weekend really - suffering for it now, too much sun and not enough to drink is not a good recipe it seems, so no work done today aside from some tote bag photographs I will start to list tomorrow.
No further creations for the time being though, as the label company who assured me my labels would be out at the end of last week?? have now said a day or so, so work has stopped and needless to say I will not be using them again. Afraid as I pride myself (as do most crafters) on the best service I can give, poor service makes me a little cross.

Must not end on a sour note. Forgot to mention, the dog show was in aid of the Children of Chernobyl and managed to raise a fantastic £670, not bad for a first time.

Hopefully Woof Beginnings and Bags of Swank by SimJaTa will be invited again next year.


  1. wow! that was a successful day :) glad you made some sales and that your dogs did well!

  2. Well done to both your dogs and congratulations to you on a very successful day!


  3. Well done dogs! Best in Show, that's quite an honour, and what a good cause too x