Monday, 9 August 2010

Its a tough job but someone has to do it!

This was yesterday's part of the job. Tough eh? I was lucky enough to stock my handbags, backpacks and tote bags at Mere Sands, the local Wildlife Trust. Initially I was asked for Squirrel bags which is what I made. Next will be birds, dragonfly's and if I ever find the fabric a Kingfisher would be perfect.
The last picture is the little shop sat in the most fabulous of surroundings. So, I took my bags to these lovely people, which are now proudly displayed above the counter. Then we spent a couple of hours wandering around sharing the wildlife and taking some pictures. Hubby did see and photograph the Kingfisher, but too far away so not good enough (this time).
I should also have been at the Lavender Farm on Saturday, but just didnt have the time with orders and stock to make up. So hubby has very kindly offered in the future to do all my visits for me at the outlets, leaving me the time to sit were I should be at the sewing machine.
He is really looking forward to the next visit to Mere Sands, were he will be gone for hours, the most relaxing oasis we have visited for a while. We just missed the Tawny Owl too, we heard him but were not lucky enough to get the photograph that one chap did.

So, plenty of further scope for Bags of Swank by SimJaTa to create suitable tote bags, backpacks and handbags for the Wildlife Trust, guess who is on a new fabric hunt?


  1. congrats :-)
    and what a lovely location for a shop I hope you receive many sales :-)

  2. That looks like a fantastic place, I must visit!

    Hope you get lots of sales from them so your Hubby can keep going back :)


  3. Thank you Esme.

    If ever you do Mick you must let me know, it is the most fabulous place, the car park was full yet walking around was so peaceful for all.