Monday, 26 December 2011

Duncan the Retired Donkey

Duncan the retired Donkey, lives life to the full. With so many hobbies he never has time to be bored!

Well, I thought he was good LOL, Duncan is my very first character. Having been lucky enough to received a ton of art books, pens, pencils and paints.. I have been in my element all day, studying and drawing. So, Duncan is who I came up with. Unfortunatly when I showed the OH he said he looks nothing like a Donkey.. so yet again I am back to the drawing board on whether to adapt Duncan to be more donkey like, or to change Duncan into another creature... though if he is not a donkey I am not quite sure what he could be?? any ideas?

I should really be working too, I also received a huge amount of embroidery silks, ribbon and trimmings to create new brooches for my Etsy shop... but hey its still bank holiday. I hope everyone in blogland got some super pressies and are having lots of fun like I am.

Meanwhile, here is Duncan again....

..and Duncan goes bowling.

Enjoy the holidays!!

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~

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