Saturday, 26 November 2011

This years Christmas Cards, handmade of course!

Now be gentle, remember I have only been learning to draw for a few weeks now, previously it has been over 30 years since I held a pencil, and I have only just learnt there is actually more than an HB! I have spent all my free time drawing and I love it! I had no idea you could actually 'learn' to draw. Therefore, like it or not this year everyone will be receiving a hand drawn Christmas card (or at least I hope so, as I have only done 12 so far and time is ticking on). Before you look I must point out these are NOT my own design, but the design of Shoo Rayner
a very talented illustrator, if you follow the link it will take you to his website for further information, and were you can purchase his books. He is also a fantastic teacher, and by following his direction these are what I have done so far, along with some other basic sketches I am learning. Thank you very much Shoo.

First are my angels, this one I did today - my very first attempt.

I confess I have done about six of these, this was the first thing I learnt and they are now in all kinds of colour schemes, OH says this one is his favourite.

This was last nights, and my very first reindeer - plenty to improve yet, but not bad for a first attempt I thought.

This was my second robin, the first one had a bit of a hump back problem. A bit more research needed on the colour scheme yet, but plenty of fun learning.

My third lot of snowmen, I like these - if Shoo is reading, sorry about the hat - I did this one at my desk without direction, so improvement needed on the hat and perhaps a few more brush bristles wouldnt have gone a miss.

If you like these (and are not just being polite LOL) dont forget they are NOT my desings but that of Shoo Rayner
childrens book illustrator, and great teacher!

You may well get to see some of my own art soon, one of my best friends is a retired art teacher, and now she is convinced I 'am' serious she is givng me my first art lesson this week, I think it might be shells. I have been told to bring my pencils, easel and paper. Hope to show you that later in the week.

Dont forget, life is too short not to try what you want to do - and its never too late. Everyone can draw, just takes a bit of guidence and plenty of PRACTICE!!!!

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Oh Lynda I am so impressed! Well done they are really good! You should try adding some cards to the shop :)


  2. Thanks Hannah, hopefully sometime next year when I have my own designs I may well try that.

    Thank you so much Caro (Shoo) for taking the time to look and comment.

    Plenty of 'Practice' needed yet.


  3. They are really really good (and I am not just being polite)...many times better than any of the Christmas cards you see in the shops...but what do you mean there is more than a HB, well you learn something everyday lol!!

    You will be doing pet portraits for people before you know it ;)


  4. LOL, thanks Mick. OH says I am very brave putting my pictures up here, but I do think its good to show progress even small amounts to show how easy it is for anyone to do, would you like a lesson in pencils?

    I have drawn my lurcher not too bad, but struggling with the Labradors, would love to do pet portraits, might be a while for that yet though.

  5. Wow Lynda, I think you're cards are amazing! I must admit I'm a bit jealous :-)

    Jen x

  6. Well done on learning to draw, think you had it in there somewhere just hidden from view. I love the tree so festive

  7. Thank you Caroline, still a way to go on my own without the tutorials, had a go at a retriever today, looked more like a spaniel cross, but at least it looked like a dog so thats something I suppose.

    Still practicing.

  8. Sorry missed Jen, you need to get ahead with your crafting so you can find some time to pick up with your drawing again - what about over the quiet Christmas time?