Sunday, 20 November 2011

..and then I painted them

Ok I threatened you with this last time, and promised I did actually get around to painting the clay works and the papier mache, but all did not go so well. My shop does not contain any of this - even my sense of humour is not that bad. Here is some of the jewellery I tried.

These are the decorations I 'attempted' my poor parents are being 'forced' to add these to their Christmas tree.

Finally, my first attempts at papier mache.. now I have seen real masterpieces done in this, alas not mine. I think I may well need a few months or even years of practice here.

I am however really enjoying learning to draw, after all these years - and the OH assures me my artworks are coming on well, of course they could ONLY get better, here is the first elephant I have ever attempted. He does at least look like an elephant, he is now on Auntie's fridge as I made him into a thank you card for her for some help she had given us of late.

I have spent today doing some new listings for my Etsy shop, I made a Frosty the Snowman treasury on Etsy, and now its time to do some more sketching which is my favourite pasttime, I just love drawing, not that good yet of course - but I love it, wish I had taken it up years ago, hope to do more painting this week too. My idea is to make my own Christmas cards to send, once I have mastered my Christmas tree I will show you that, I am getting help though so not strictly my own work so certainly not for sale - but all in aid of learning how to draw and in time develop my own style (so I am told).

Hope you have had a good weekend.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Oooh love your pieces Lynda :) They are not that bad! And im impressed with your elephant.

  2. I was going to pick a fav but not sure I can LOL...I love them all, but it's prob the animals you've made :)

  3. What an impressive tree that is going to look with those decorations on it!

    Love the idea of making your own Christmas cards :)


  4. What kind people you are LOL. Sharon, its a dog and a unicorn, can nobody tell?

    Cards ordered Mick, pencils at the ready - always a handmade christmas around here:)

  5. Hand created christmas tree ornaments are the best. That's what it's all about. Keep having fun.

  6. Thanks bluedaisy, not 'quite' as good as yours though.

  7. Oh Lynda, congrats on the elephant picture - I think it's lovely and the Christmas tree decorations! I did recognise the dog but glad you mentioned the other animal was a unicorn ;-)

    Jen x

  8. Thanks Jen, started off as a dog but only one ear looked more like a unicorn (sort of). Think I might stick to drawing for now, the cards are coming on well.