Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Happy Birthday to Alfie

Tomorrow our boy Alfie will have reached 3 years old. Isnt he handsome?

Alfie came to us on October 31st 2009 at 18 months old, not the easiest of dogs having had no socialisation, not a clue how to behave around other dogs and a bit on the dominant side. After 'that op' and some training classes and a lot of hard work he is getting much better, he still attends dog club training for obediance shows, is training at scent work each week (one day to be part of a team to search for lost dogs) and does agility. Alfie now even has some playmates on his walk, he plays with a super daft retriever called Zac and a chocolate Labrador equally as daft called Hugo, these are his favourite friends.

In honour of Alfie's birthday, here are some of my Labrador Tote Bags for sale in my Folksy shop, just click on the photo's to be taken to my shop for further details.

Tomorrow Alfie will have a special walk in the sunshine and maybe something nice and tasty for his tea. We might even go mad and buy him a brand new ball, ball is one of his favourites.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. What a beautiful dog! So handsome, I just want to hug him xx

  2. Happy Birthday Alfie!! What a beautiful dog he is!

    Loving those bags too - I am sure they will sell really really well.

  3. Happy birthday Alfie - you are looking really handsome!

    Hope you have a lovely walk tomorrow and enjoy your ball and yummy food!


  4. He is indeed a handsome hound!

  5. He is gorgeous! I too have an Alfie - he is a westie! Plus Jack the scottie and betty the chihuahua!

    Happy birthday Alfie xx